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Matt , February 20, 2016

Hi Duane,

Just wanted to let you know Victor got back to me. Very impressed! You clearly have a great team and Victor took care of our event.

Thank you very much


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Maggie Z , June 5, 2014

Our driver, Juni, was great.  He arrived on time, was friendly and sociable, he really made it a great night.  The limo was clean and it was great having someone who knew his way around the city so well.  From the East End Fest to the bars on the river we went all over and it was never an issue.  Thanks Juni!!

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Melinda Osechger , April 17, 2014

I reserved "The Bumble Bee" coach on Friday March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, in celebration of my 21st Birthday. Like any other Irish person blessed enough to be born on St. Patrick's Day, I had been looking forward to this birthday for years and I wanted it to be nothing short of amazing. When the day finally came, my party of 20, including myself, was fortunate enough to have Diamonds Limousine. Our chauffeur was awesome. There wasn’t anything he didn’t do to make the night anymore memorable. For example, the first bar we go to, Woody’s which was chosen as one of my VIP bars, I went to step out of the limo and our chauffeur was there waiting for me, to escort me into the building and up to the bar.

The entire night was everything that I had been imagining for a long time now. I have to thank everyone at Diamonds limo for their commitment to what they do, as well as their dedication. I also have to thank you once again, for making the night not only for myself, but for everyone else in my party, the most unforgettable, most enjoyable night “on the town” they have ever had. I am still receiving phone calls from people saying how much fun they had. I have already had many conversations with about how we cannot wait to do something like this again in the very near future. When I do plan the next outing, it will DEFINITELY be with Diamonds!

So, I would like to say it again… Thank you to everyone at Diamonds. Because of everyone involved, I, along with my party, was able to celebrate my 21st Birthday in an unforgettable fashion. And I need to thank you one more time for everything you did for me, and everyone else throughout the night. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more.

Like I said before, there are already plans for a 2nd “night on the town” in the works, I WILL be going through Diamonds! From here on out, I will be recommending Diamonds Limousine over any other Limousine/transportation company. I am more than satisfied with my experience with this company, and am thrilled to do business with you all again in the future.

Thank you so much!
Melinda Oeschger

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Karen & Aurelio D , March 9, 2014

Thank you so much Juni for a really great fun time on the town !
Us siblings couldn't of asked for a COOLER CAT to drive us around.
Sorry we couldn't of made up our minds as to where we actually wanted to go or be - but in the end I guess we all wanted to just ride in our limousine & be with each other.
Can't wait to do it again with you as our chauffeur,
Karen & Aurelio D

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Elizabeth Hoffmann , February 6, 2014

Our most sincere gratitude to Mark Landry (and Diamonds too!) for the BEST Bachelorette Party EVER! When my maid of honor booked a limo, I said, "Thanks...but, the poor, poor driver! You'd better tip him well!" See, we're a rowdy bunch of gals...but, to my greatest delight, Mark was patient, tolerant, and loads of fun himself! He was professional at all times, but made us feel welcome, at ease, and free to party! He shared laughs, kept the coolers stocked, was there to pick us up super quickly upon receiving our call to move to the next location, and was totally cool with our unanticipated change of venue for the last bar. He even made a couple extra stops to drop off some partiers a bit early without flinching an eye. He was, by far, more than we ever expected. Thank you, Mark! The night was more than I ever could have imagined...and each and every one of us had a blast!
And, Mark, get ready...we want you for the wedding too!
Thanks again, and we're looking forward to May 6! Elizabeth Hoffmann (and the gals)

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