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Sara, Fred, Aayla And Michele (grandma) Rochester, NY August 27, 2014

First, I want to apologize for the delay in this note. We have been quite consumed with a lot of stuff happening with our daughter.

I am writing to say thank you. Your generosity and accommodation to us for Aayla's birthday (and medical treatment) made her day so wonderful. We had such a wonderful time and Aayla said "this is like a dream come true!" Your staff from yourself and Lisa to our chauffeur Victor was so welcoming and so generous. I don't know what else I can say but thank you, and that doesn't seem quite enough.

I'm attaching a couple pictures of her on her special day. Again, thank you so much for helping turn a difficult day into something wonderful.

All our love and deep appreciation.

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Marci W , June 16, 2014

Thank You for all you did to make my daughter, Claire Dehm, Sweet 16 wonderful. Tim C  could not have been nicer to the girls.  I wanted to make this a day for Claire to always remember, and it surely will.  From the reservation through to drop off I could not have asked for better service. Thank you, Marci

Children Birthday Parties
Debra Divas , May 25, 2014

I just wanted to say THANK YOU TAHNK YOU THANK YOU!!!!      I had a surprise birthday party for my daughter who was turning 11 years old. Our driver  showed up on time, and I must say that he was absolutely 'Wonderful.' At first I will admit that I was thinking to myself, 'How in the heck is this guy going to handle 10 very pre-pubescent 11year old!' Our driver had the patience of a saint (Even when the balloons kept flying up past the driver).

At first we went for pizza, and then we went to the mall for ice cream. However before the ice cream, they felt the need to drive around the mall parking lot 5 times just to wave and scream 'hi' to every person they saw, and our driver being the great guy he is, was happy to accommodate them. When we left the mall, our chauffeur was right there waiting patiently ready to face more torture from my girls. When they said go, he went. When they said stop, he stopped. And I would imagine that if they said 'jump' he probably would have said, 'How high?'

After two hours of this divider going up and down, windows being open and shut, balloons flying in the front, and let's not forget the repeated playing of an N*Sync CD, he stood through it all, never faltering at one moment (or at least I didn't see him). So I just want to say to all of the parents out there who have no idea what to do for their kid's next B-day party, give Diamonds a call and ask for the same chauffeur. And I would like to say to Diamonds, thank you so much for your wonderful service, and last but certainly not least, a great big thanks to our driver for treating my girls like the 'Divas' they thought they were. You're the best, and you'll be hearing from me again soon!

Children Birthday Parties
Marie Daly , May 19, 2014

Thank you for keeping the kids safe and for adding to the excitement of their prom. Your a great asset to Diamonds Limo.  Thank Debbie & Duane for me as well.
I appreciate it,
Marie Daly

Children Birthday Parties
Annette & Diane Buecheler , May 4, 2014

I would like to thank you so much for a wonderful night for my niece's Sweet "16" party.  We spent the night just ahead of the limo to video the pick up's and each time there were more screams from all the girls, they are a group of wonderful girls and my niece had a  glow about her the whole night that I don't think I'll see again until her wedding day, it was just a great experience for her and all of the friends that went!  I would like to thank Jr. for his wonderful appearance, attitude and being there for anything that they/we needed and the fact that he took the time to bring back a cookie cake to my sisters house after we called last minute to make sure they could bring it to the bowling center and were not able to, he was great with the crew he had, he showed them all the lights and options that they had and we could have never asked for more!  My niece is still glowing today and we can't thank you enough for the commitment that we agreed to and the personal touch that made her night a night that she will never forget!

Thank you again and thank you to Jr. for a job well done!

Annette Buda / Diane Buecheler

Children Birthday Parties
Megan S , March 15, 2014

Hi Duane and Debbie,

I did not have a chance to let you know that the evening of June 9th for Rachel\'s crew of friends went off very well. And I still can not believe you sent a trolley! It was perfect and the kids had a great time. I appreciate all your efforts and craziness for the night. It seems that you did a great job providing for the kids.
Thanks so much you guys ! I know if i\'m in charge, that we will be using Diamonds in the future!
Talk to you soon,
Megan S.

Children Birthday Parties
Rodger Bottrell Lyons, NY January 12, 2014

Children Birthday Parties

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